How long until antibiotics clear up my uti?

Austen Lakin asked a question: How long until antibiotics clear up my uti?
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  • As previously mentioned, antibiotics should help dissipate your UTI symptoms within one to two days. Your doctor might prescribe a treatment plan lasting anywhere from 3 to 14 days. If you've been battling more severe UTI symptoms, such as low-grade fever or lower back pain, the process could take slightly longer.

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Depends site of infe: It depends on site of infection and the antibiotics used.If the culture shows sensitivity to certain antibiotic for lowe UTI it takes 7to10 days for infection to clear.But if the infection is high up in kidneys (pyelonephritis)you may need longer course of antibiotics 2weeks or more to clear the infection.

Answer. Sorry to hear that you are having such discomfort with your urinary infection. Generally speaking, antibiotics do work relatively quickly, and I would expect you to be feeling better by now (after three days of antibiotics) if things were getting better.

If you have your cat drink 2ml of ACV 3 times per day, their infection will be cleared up in less than 72 hours. Antibiotics. Antibiotics is one of the best ways to treat the urethra -- and to relieve symptoms such as burning, pain, slow in the urine flows, and an urgent need to pee. Urinary Tract Irritations Control Supplement

“Well, it’s possible that symptoms are bad enough, or an infection is bad enough, that it will take three to four days for things to clear up,” says Dr. Ingber. “However, usually, if it’s a simple UTI (bladder infection), we only use three days total of most antibiotics (five if Macrobid).”

It can easily come back even worse if you cut the antibiotic course short. 7 days of antibiotics does not sound like enough to me for a UTI...typically at least 10, sometimes 14...but see how it goes. Just keep a close eye on him. They often improve a lot at first but the rest of the medicine is needed.

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