How does a dentist fix a loose filling?

Marie Russel asked a question: How does a dentist fix a loose filling?
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If your filling is damaged or loose, the filling can be removed and you can be fitted with composite resin fillings or another material. If you are curious about the signs of a dental filling going bad, read on to learn more about three common signs that you should have your filling replaced.

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To manage the pain, a person can use an ice pack to numb the tooth. They can also use over-the-counter pain medication. All these are stopgap measures; they are no substitute for dental treatment. When a person finally sees the dentist, the filling will be removed and the tooth cleaned.

If the patient was able to save a large portion of the filling, dental cement or adhesives could be used to put it back in place. This does not negate the need to see a dentist, as it is only a temporary solution. How a dentist fixes loose fillings. Tooth decay that occurs after the filling comes off can alter the shape of a tooth.

This evaluation will pinpoint the source of the problem and give the dentist the information he needs to develop a strategy to rectify the loose filling. The dentist might take an x-ray to gauge how far decay and damage has extended to the tooth. In most instances, a single small x-ray is all that is necessary.

Once a tooth is filled, many patients believe the problem is permanently fixed. Over time, however, the margins of the filling can shrink. This can allow bacteria to move underneath the filling, causing tooth decay and even recurrent caries. This tooth decay can loosen the filling, causing a broken filling.

Make Use of Dental Cement. Over-the-counter dental cement can usually be found at your local pharmacy. If you apply this to your filling, it can substitute as a protective layer if your dentist appointment is a couple days away. If you had a crown placed over your filling and it came loose, you can try to fit the crown over the tooth.

Cold compresses reduce any swelling experienced. Dental cement from a local drug store can temporarily cover the tooth surface and protect it from bacteria. Dental Treatments for Broken Filling Repair. At Dental Choice, most of our dentists leave time in their schedule for emergency issues that can arise, like broken or dislodged fillings.

The key to preventing a filling from coming loose is to practice good hygiene and to have regular dental checkups. Here are some tips for good oral hygiene: Brush your teeth with a fluoride ...

The first thing you should do if you lose a filling is to call your dental office and let them know what happened. If it’s a weekday, you should be able to get in that day as most offices have emergency times set aside. If your filling falls out on the weekend, leave a message or call the weekend emergency number.

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