Do you need 2 rounds of antibiotics for uti?

Gerardo Daniel asked a question: Do you need 2 rounds of antibiotics for uti?
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If you're lucky, a doctor can fix this by having your urine tested, so they can select a second round of antibiotics that's known to work against the offending bacteria. If you're really unlucky, it may take two or more rounds of this to knock the UTI from your system.

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The first round of antibiotics didn't work so I called for a refill of my antibiotic and my dr called in Cipro which I was VERY surprised about as I have not heard about that drug since the big problem with Anthrax years back. Seems that anytime I get any kind of infection (sinus or uti) I need a 2nd round of antibiotics which never used to happen.

Been on 2 rounds of antibiotics for UTI. That seems to have cleared up however I am now having horrible lower back pain, nausea and just a little lower abdominal pain. Last night the pain got worse and turned into sharp stabbing pain on left side

Anyway you usually don’t need any antibiotic to fight of a reglar urinary trac infection. For me it has helped to drink lot and sort of pee it out. If it hits kidneys and your blood that’s where the danger is why we need the antibiotics to keep on working. And Doctorsneed to stop describing for virus infections.

Commonly used antibiotics for UTI include: Trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole; Fosfomycin; Nitrofurantoin ; Сephalexin ceftriaxone; UTI symptoms tend to disappear within the first few days of taking antibiotics, but you should still finish your entire prescription. Most antibiotic treatment courses last a full week.

Antibiotics for urinary tract infections usually work within two or three days. How would an infection clear on its own? "Our defense mechanisms are strong and often do not need any help from ...

Depends site of infe: It depends on site of infection and the antibiotics used.If the culture shows sensitivity to certain antibiotic for lowe UTI it takes 7to10 days for infection to clear.But if the infection is high up in kidneys(pyelonephritis)you may need longer course of antibiotics 2weeks or more to clear the infection.

Absolutely. Simply needs you need something other than Cipro (which isn't a good antibiotic due to side effects). The culture will tell your doctor which antibiotic your particular infection is sensitive to.

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