Do i need antibiotics for thrush?

Stephon Ankunding asked a question: Do i need antibiotics for thrush?
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Even if you have thrush regularly, it's still right for you to take antibiotics for another infection if a doctor has approved them for you. Thrush is usually not harmful and the health risks of not taking antibiotic treatment properly are much higher.

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Antibiotics kill precisely the healthy bacteria that regulate candida. Taking antibiotics for a few days once or twice a year will allow the healthy organisms in your mouth to recover, and so you won’t get thrush.

However, it is not antifungal, and it won’t be prescribed for oral thrush. In fact, a long course of antibiotics is a common cause of oral thrush, since they kill the beneficial bacteria in your mouth, thus allowing the candida colonies to grow freely. To cure thrush, you’ll need to use some sort of antifungal treatment.

Yes: Oral thrush can occur from anything that changes the bacteria of the mouth leading to fungal overgrowth. Antibiotics are a very common reason why bact...

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