Can you sneak drugs onto a cruise ship?

Percy Nienow asked a question: Can you sneak drugs onto a cruise ship?
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Bring drugs or other illegal items onboard

Get caught smuggling drugs, weapons or other illegal items onto the ship, and your glamorous cruise vacation could turn into a drawn-out stay at a local police station.

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Best Way To Sneak Drugs Onto A Cruise Ship.Many people often ask can you even sneak drugs past the body scanners at the airport lines so, if the checked luggage and also the carryon bags are all rather risky, is there any other way one can sneak some drugs onto a plane without getting caught?

Every cruise line has policies (listed online and in your cruise contract) that list what cannot be brought onto these ships, and every line we contacted and researched, noted in various terms, that drugs or controlled substances are prohibited. Some lines, such as Carnival and NCL, specifically explain that medical marijuana is prohibited.

Some lines — like Disney Cruise Line — allow you to bring alcohol aboard but limit you to drinking it only in your cabin, or in a dining room if you pay a corkage fee. Whether you’re sneaking in alcohol or following the rules and leaving a bottle in your stateroom, bringing a refillable water bottle allows you to play bartender in your room but sip your libation by the pool.

Jul 27, 2011. #3. open the end of a toothpaste bottle cram with shit close with super glue only works if not flying. but i was on JAM cruise and i took on tons of meds.. and they were looking, i think you will be fine if your smart.

Marijuana is strictly forbidden aboard a cruise ship, even if traveling in international waters. That hasn’t stopped people from carrying a little ganja on board, if you know how to sneak it in.

It is a Carnival Cruise that departs and ends in Los Angeles, and goes to a few towns in Mexico. I would like to sneak some goodies on board with methods that I am outlining below. If anyone has any suggestions/improvements/constructive criticism/praise I would love to hear it.

If the cruise you're going on is at a terminal that operates international cruises, there will be drug dogs regardless of whether or not you are leaving the country/traveling to another country or not. For this reason I'd recommend putting the Coke in condoms and getting them through security that way

You want the peanut butter to surround it. Vice-Versa if you are using the coffe. But be careful when passing through the luggage check when they use the X-Ray scanner mabob. It better be some good weed if you're going to risk a couple of years of your life possible. And good luck. I hope you find what you need and get your sh_t sparking.

To be honest, it’s not entirely clear. If in port, you should be subject to local laws. There are stories of local authorities finding drugs on cruise ships and arresting passengers. If in international waters, it will be up to the cruise line on how they choose to pursue the offense. What if I come back from port while high? If you get high while in port (legally) and then come back to the ship, then nothing is likely to happen to you unless you are making a disorderly scene.

Jun 9, 2011. #1. I'm leaving from the port of Miami today on a cruise to the Bahamas through royal Caribbean. Tips on getting a gram thru security.. I'm a bit paranoid. Some say just take it in your pocket but how about then 100 yards drug sniffing dogs..

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