Can you add your boyfriend to your health insurance?

Elna Gorczany asked a question: Can you add your boyfriend to your health insurance?
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  • It may be possible to add a girlfriend or boyfriend to your insurance policy. Each state recognizes domestic partnerships differently. Self-Funded Employer Health Insurance Policies may have different rules. Speak with the Plan Administrator for specifics about your policy.
  • If you’re wondering if you can add your boyfriend or girlfriend to your health insurance plan, the best advice is to speak to your provider; however, if you’re curious if adding your other half to your policy despite the fact that you aren’t married is a possibility, below, you’ll find some useful information about your options.

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Therefore, you cannot add your boyfriend or girlfriend to your policy; but, there is an option available that would allow your partner to be covered by your health insurance. Domestic Partnership A domestic partnership is defined a shared relationship between two people that share a similar lifestyle as a married couple – they live together, share finances, have children , etc – but are not legally married.

The answer will depend on a couple of things. The first is whether or not your State recognizes domestic partners as a relationship status. In most cases, those States will require employers to offer the same plans offered to spouses to the domestic partner. The second is whether you meet whatever the standard is to be a domestic partner.

It's quite simple really, you get MARRIED. This change of life status event makes your new spouse a legally eligible dependent that you can add onto your coverage at your employer or to your individual health insurance policy. You have 60-days after getting married to make this change to your coverage.

Whether or not your health insurance company will allow the addition of an unmarried spouse is difficult to say definitively. There are many factors that go into the final decision including the laws of the 50 states involved, the employer, the insurer and the policy itself.

Can you be added to your boyfriend’s policy even if you aren’t married? It’s clear that employer-provided insurance covers spouses, but what if you haven’t tied the knot just yet? Unfortunately you will be required to make some changes to your legal status if you’d like coverage. Legal protections for married couples

The short answer to this question is “maybe.”. Whether or not you can add someone who is not your spouse to your existing health insurance depends largely on your insurance provider and the policy you hold. But there are circumstances that could help you qualify for such an addition.

You can add your stepchild to your employer-based health insurance plan. For this, you will get 30 days to enroll the new dependent. Some individual health insurance plans let unmarried couples and any legal dependents be on the same health plan as long as they are living together.

Friends And Other Relatives In every state in the country, it would be extremely difficult to have an aunt, uncle or friend placed on your health insurance policy. However, you might be able to get these relatives and friends added to your health insurance if you are a legal guardian to them and are responsible for their health care.

In most cases, adding a spouse to your health insurance plan is acceptable. After getting married, you usually have up to 60 days to enroll in a new plan, or add your spouse as a dependent.

Yes, you can add your girlfriend or boyfriend to your car insurance. Generally, if you and your significant other live at the same address, your car insurance company will consider them a member of...

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