Can i get pregnant while on antibiotics and birth control?

Kayli Stiedemann asked a question: Can i get pregnant while on antibiotics and birth control?
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Can I get pregnant if I take antibiotics? In most cases, no, as long as you continue to use your hormonal contraception as prescribed you are safe from pregnancy even if you are on antibiotics. It is a myth that all antibiotics will interfere with the efficacy of your birth control pill.

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The Mayo Clinic explained that while antibiotics like penicillins, cephalosporins, erythromycin, and clindamycin are generally considered safe to take during pregnancy, certain antibiotics,...

In contrast, a large but observational database study from BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine published in August 2020 suggests that there is a possibility of pregnancy when birth control and antibiotics are combined.

To date, the only antibiotic proven to impact birth control pills is rifampin. This drug is used to treat tuberculosis and other bacterial infections. If you take this medication while using birth...

Well, I forgot that i had been taking antibiotics for a week earlier this month and we made love more than 5 or 6 times before I remembered that antibiotics weakens birth control. By then I was on my period and thought that it didn't matter because I have heard you can't get pregnant while on your period.

In case you were wondering: Yes, you can get pregnant while using birth control.

When you are on birtth control you do not ovulate as you are taking them correctly, and you can't get pregnant which is what your worried about I think, not the antibiotic yet that is where the problem lies.

Medications include certain antibiotics, such as rifampicin, and anti-fungal drugs, such as griseofulvin. A person should use backup contraception while taking these medications and for 48 hours...

Most antibiotics have no proven effects on hormonal birth control and will not increase your chances of getting pregnant if you have sex during treatment. Commonly prescribed antibiotics that are safe to take while on birth control include: Ampicillin, for treating bladder infections, pneumonia, and more.

The short answer is you probably won't get pregnant, but you can ask your doctor or health care provider to ensure that the antibiotics won't interfere with your birth control pills. And if you're in a spot where you can't ask your provider for advice, or if you're just unsure, the best option would be to use a backup method like a condom when taking antibiotics.

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