Can health insurance be purchased across state lines?

Shawna Botsford asked a question: Can health insurance be purchased across state lines?
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  • 1 Answer. One reason that life insurance can be purchased across state lines is because it is a type of long-term coverage. It is not at all unusual for a policyholder to move one or more times during the course of a life insurance policy, so it is vital that the life insurance is able to follow them as they move.

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Can you buy health insurance across state lines? The short answer: No. Under current law, you will need to buy health insurance in state in which you have your permanent address. If you move to another state, you will need buy a health insurance plan in that state.

The ACA and state actions to sell insurance across state lines Federal law already permits the sale of health insurance across state lines. Under Section 1333 of the ACA, states may form interstate compacts that allow insurers in one state to sell qualified health plans to consumers in another state.

The basis for seeking the purchase of health insurance across state lines has been driven by the need for reduction of premium costs, increased affordability, and more insurance options. In an industry that is heavily regulated by the state, the lack of affordable options creates desperation amongst citizens.

More than 60 House Republicans are sponsoring a bill to permit the sale of health insurance across state lines. Consumer advocacy groups argue such provisions would erode many state protections.

With health care legislation stalled, Republicans are touting their own remedies, including allowing Americans to buy health coverage across state lines. Currently, consumers can buy policies only...

REALITY: Allowing insurance to be sold across state lines would eliminate the ability of insurance regulators to assist consumers. Interstate policies would for the first time allow insurers unlicensed in the purchaser’s state to sell health insurance, which would otherwise be a criminal offense.

An insurance company can operate across state lines (for example, many large health care insurers sell plans in multiple states), but any policy they sell in a particular state currently has to adhere to that state's regulatory requirements. You could say insurance can be purchased across state lines but specific plans can not.

President Trump on Wednesday said he is considering an executive order to allow health insurance to be purchased across state lines. Trump told reporters at the White House that he plans to issue a...

Insurance Shopping in Your New State If you need to buy insurance in the new state, the Affordable Care Act makes the process easier. Under the 2010 health insurance law coined as "Obamacare," you...

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