Can cholesterol medicine help with weight loss?

Jamie Berge asked a question: Can cholesterol medicine help with weight loss?
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5 benefits of guggul & guggulsterone: weight loss, thyroid function & more

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The drug, a stimulant, helped patients lose weight (46% of people lost 10% or more of their body weight in clinical trials) but also affected heart rate.

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Pravastatin carries the risk of certain side effects such as muscle cramps and myalgia. But the cholesterol medication has not been shown to cause weight loss.

Fortunately, when you limit fat and cholesterol in the diet, you also cut calories, promoting weight control and helping to lower your cholesterol levels. Further, people who are most likely to succeed in losing weight and keeping it off are people who exercise regularly.

If you are obese and have high cholesterol, losing weight should help lower your cholesterol, as well as your risk for other obesity-related conditions including diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Learn more about our weight loss services.

Guggulsterones – Helps Lower Cholesterol and Lose Weight Guggul Is An Ancient Remedy With Many Health Benefits. So what is Guggul and have you heard it is used to help lower... Heart Health. The active ingredient known as guggulsterones were found to be effective in preventing the liver from..…

Being overweight increases your risk of having high LDL bad cholesterol, and low HDL good cholesterol. Often, just losing weight can help you lower your cholesterol. Here are six tips to help you...

The key is to recognize these phenomena as nothing more than part of weight loss and the inevitable mobilization of fatty acids into the bloodstream. Accordingly, decisions should not be made based on these values, since they are transient. Your doctor will likely try to push hypertension medication, statin drugs, fibrate drugs, diabetes drugs . . . all for a transient effect.

But the good news is that a loss of just 5 to 10 percent of your total body weight is likely to result in improved blood pressure, sugars and cholesterol, adds the CDC. "Most of the time when a person loses weight, the levels of LDL, the bad cholesterol, go down," says Roger Blumenthal, MD , a professor of cardiology at Johns Hopkins and director of its Ciccarone Center for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease.

Consider other cholesterol-lowering medications. Although statins are the most effective oral medications for lowering your cholesterol, other types of drugs also are available. Sometimes, taking a combination of cholesterol drugs can provide the same result with lower doses of statins. Try coenzyme Q10 supplements.

If your doctor recommends statins or other cholesterol-lowering medications, but all means take them. “But don’t stop there,” recommends Pritikin cardiolologist Ronald Scheib, MD, FACC. “Give yourself the best chance of living heart-attack-free by adopting a healthy lifestyle like Pritikin.

ALLHAT (Antihypertensive and Lipid-Lowering Treatment to Prevent Heart Attack Trial), the largest North American cholesterol-lowering trial ever, showed that mortality of the treatment group and controls after three or six years was identical. 38 Researchers used data from more than 10,000 participants given cholesterol-lowering drugs and followed them over a period of four years, comparing the use of a statin drug to “usual care,” namely maintaining proper body weight, no smoking ...

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