Can antibiotics change your metabolism?

Queen Reichert asked a question: Can antibiotics change your metabolism?
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Yang et al. report that antibiotics can also elicit changes in host metabolism that may reduce the efficacy of the drug and interfere with the function of immune cells.

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Antibiotics disrupt gut ecology, metabolism. Date: April 20, 2011. Source: American Society for Microbiology. Summary: Humans carry several pounds of microbes in our gastro-intestinal tracts ...

Given that antibiotic susceptibility can change as a consequence of alterations in the bacterial metabolism, it is conceivable that bacterial colonization of novel habitats might select antibiotic resistance even in the absence of antibiotic selective pressure.

Since antibiotics and hormones both need to be processed by the liver, it makes sense that taking antibiotics may affect estrogen and progesterone metabolism in a woman. When hormone balance is possibly thrown off by antibiotics then this is when irregularities in a cycle could occur for a woman.

The changes in community composition were accompanied by changes in metabolites such as acetate, a short chain fatty acid that is known to influence host metabolism and immune function. In another...

8 Triggers That Change Your Metabolism. Many dieters point the finger of blame at their slow metabolism when dieting, but there are steps you can take to speed it up.

So you can change your metabolism, but not in the way you want. (Why can we only slow but not speed our metabolism? Perhaps because there was an evolutionary benefit to having a slow metabolism ...

These findings illustrate that antibiotics can alter host metabolites by acting directly on host cells and that these changes can affect both the efficacy of the antibiotic and the immune response...

Antibiotics are often criticized and purported to damage to metabolism. The theory suggests that by negatively altering bacteria in your gut, antibiotics then damage your metabolism and cause weight gain, high blood sugar, etc.. But is this actually true? Lets discuss. Get help with metabolism or weight gain.

As recently reported in the journal Cell Metabolism, Belenky and colleagues have now demonstrated that although the antibiotics they used did perturb the composition and metabolic capacity of the...

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