Can a dentist fall in love with a patient?

Morton Oberbrunner asked a question: Can a dentist fall in love with a patient?
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Dentists who are the recipients of romantic inquiries by patients should establish clear boundaries. If the dentist is available and interested in the patient, dating may occur only after the patient has been reassigned to another dentist and a suitable time period has elapsed.

One in five dentists reports having become romantically involved with a dental patient, according to a recent Wealthy Dentist survey. Most caution against dating patients, as the consequences are rarely positive for the dental practice.

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It happens despite it being somewhat unprofessional and unethical given that the dentist-patient relationship is based on trust and there is a power differential between provider and patient. Different jurisdictions have different policies on how it might go. Clearly it necessitates ceasing to be the patient’s dentist.

We are discussing Why You Should Fall In Love With A Dentist? #3. Financially Stable. Money is not everything, but yet again its good to know that dentists can make decent money. And with hard work, they have the chance to reap millions. Considering the increasing population and oral health awareness, dentists are going to be in service for a long time. Some of the richest people in the world are dentists who are doing very very well for themselves and their family. #4. Dentists Are Smart ...

The “Dentist’s Prerogative” in Patient Relationships Everyone loves to be in love. That’s why new romances are so exciting and energizing, because falling in love is about sensing the possibilities of what you can do together. The same holds true for your professional relationships with your patients.

Rebecca met Lee by making an appointment. It was January, 2008. She said she had not seen a dentist in some time, and his office in Manhattan was across the street from the cosmetics packaging ...

Originally Answered: Do doctors ever fall in love with their patients? Yes some doctors do fall in love with their patients. This is because they're humans and among those they come across, some possess certain things they long for. Like one doctor I know of, he fell for this young woman just because she promised to teach him how to dance.

Yes I am a woman. I've been asked out a couple of times but wouldn't date a patient. I have very high standards when it comes to teeth and once I've seen what's lurking in someone's mouth it tends to put me off. Your dentist came across as caring and kind because he's good at his job. I'm sure he's like that with all his patients.

Many dentists are nothing more than tooth jockeys. That means that they don’t look at the whole patient. Granted, some patients may be satisfied with this standard, but most people go to the dentist for a long-term result. If a practice is set up to treat single teeth, it’s unlikely that the patient will accomplish anything worthwhile.

This can backfire particularly in the way your child might see the big dental instrument et al and make a bad impression. On the other hand, a pediatric dentist understands the child better and has specialized training for handling little ones. Right from the layout of the clinic to the handling of the child, a pediatric dentist will do everything accordingly to make kids feel comfortable.

"Many patients are surprised that their dentist is the first one to ask about eating disorders," says Chase, "but bulimia exhibits a very distinct pattern of tooth wear that your dentist can ...

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